Steorn Demo: our own iPhone moment

Posted by bert hubert Sun, 01 Jul 2007 18:28:00 GMT

Quick plug of my new laptop, a spiffy Dell XPS M1210. Kudos to both Dell and Ubuntu, everything just works, and it just works very well. If you need a small but powerful laptop, and want to run Linux, you should consider this one!

Ok, on to the hype.

Update: earlier entries on Steorn are here, here, and here.


This week saw the launch of the iPhone, perhaps one of the most anticipated technology events in living memory.

On the physics side of things, we are sort of going through the same thing, except a thousand times smaller. Perhaps a million.

To very briefly recap, Steorn hit the scene in August 2006 with an (expensive) advertisement in the Economist newspaper, claiming to have developed technology that generates energy without consuming fuel.

Their story was that nobody believed them, and that they were challenging the scientific community to join a ‘jury’ to prove or disprove their claims.

Since then, they’ve said the jury is now in place, and will report their results when they feel like it. Additionally, in April 2007, it was stated that there would be a publicly accessible demonstration of the technology in London, early July.

And early July is upon us now.

Why the hype?

Well, if what they claim is true, Venezuela, Russia, and the Middle-East are seriously out of business. Oil would then remain useful mainly as lubrication, and as an ingredient of many substances.

If their technology works, stock markets will collapse, whole countries will default on their obligations, and the nascent ‘new cold war’ between Russia and NATO will be over.

The demo

Since ‘energy out of thin air’ violates most of our understanding of physics, the scientific community is rightfully skeptic. It has been said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence (which I dispute, btw - most new physics started out as small, hard to see effects), so the demo had better be pretty impressive.

There is rampant speculation going on about the nature of the demo, and a few things are known.

The demo will happen ‘early July’, and the public will be able to see the machine, talk to Steorn employees, and view the whole thing over the internet 24/7. Additionally, several people have been invited by Steorn to bring their screwdrivers to open up the device. Lots of people on the various forums have already announced they are bringing heat-sensitive cameras, magnetometers, RF spectrometers and other instruments to verify if any demonstrated device is truly operating without consuming power.

The exact date and location of the demo remain unsure. Steorn has repeatedly stated they are not in it for the maximum amount of money, but that they want their technology to benefit developing countries, as well as being good for the environment.

On Thursday the 7th, London hosts the Live Earth concert, which is all about the environment. This has prompted many to believe the demo will coincide with this concert.

Information about Steorn comes from various sources: their own homepage, the Free Energy Tracker Blog, the Dispatches from the Future blog, the Fizzx forum and the relevant Wikipedia page.

On these various pages, several anonymous or pseudonymous sources have stated contradictory things. It has been reported by a guy called ‘MikeDuke’ that the device will be unveiled to the press on Monday the second of July and Tuesday the third, and might be available for viewing on Wednesday, but surely on Thursday. This is then all supposed to take place at the Kinetica Museum.

Another forum comment reports calling the Kinetica museum and being told they are hosting a private exhibition starting Thursday, about which they can’t say a lot.

Then there is a second poster who says the demo will be held at the Science Museum, starting Friday, and that it will only be announced on Thursday.

Finally, and this one is furthest out, there is an anonymous post stating the demo will be of the ‘rev4.c’ device, and that it will produce 720kW! Not only will it do this, it will emanate a ‘distortion field’!

So what will happen?

As said, speculation is rampant. Many are predicting there will be no demo, or that it will be unconvincing. I’m personally on the edge of my seat, having nearly booked a flight to London to see for myself, but at the last minute decided not to go because it is unsure when the demo will be available.

If there is more clarity, I’ll go over and report here.



  1. Grunchy said about 7 hours later:
    Yes, I'd dearly like to see the demo personally myself. I held back also because there's no word on "when" or "where" but also because I guess I just think it's a phoney. It'd be nice to get the T-shirt! Maybe I'll buy one later from eBay. It probably says "gullible tool" somewhere on the back. Actually this could be an elaborate mass-hypnosis hoax in the making, perhaps a stunt by Derren Brown? He did a mass conversion of non-believers in the United States once. The reason is that when people come to a wacko event like this, it's because they are in a highly suggestible state of mind. Criss Angel made a woman float in mid air and walked up the side of a building, so a perpetual motion machine shouldn't be too challenging a magic trick.
  2. Gullible said about 16 hours later:
    There is no 720kw unit. The orbo is only scalable to a maximum of 410kw(550bhp) and the 550 bhp unit doesnt even exist.
  3. Gullible said about 16 hours later:
    Is this blogg by factureexpress ?
  4. bert hubert said about 17 hours later:
    No, this blog is by Bert Hubert - 'factuurexpress' sounds Dutch, as am I, but I have no relation with him/her.

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