Steorn updates, things are heating up!

Posted by bert hubert Tue, 03 Jul 2007 06:33:00 GMT

Life is quickly getting silly on the Steorn front (for more details, see my previous post). Reliable sources have now confirmed a demo *IS* being setup, and although most sources are bound by NDA, it has become clear the demo is this week, and most likely at the Kinetica Museum.

Update: update, webcam images are appearing here!

Update: the Kinetica website now contains an announcement that it is hosting a new exhibition starting Thursday, and that details will be announced on Wednesday.

Update 2: An article on RTÉ news reports that Sean McCarthy says the device will be demonstrated tonight from 6PM London time, and that it will be lifting a weight to prove it is generating energy.

Additionally, a short movie has surfaced last night showing someone who looks like Sean McCarthy (the Steorn chief executive) smoking a cigarette across the Kinetica museum. Sean is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘CEO versus CoE’, where CoE stands for Conservation of Energy - the basic law of physics their device is claimed to break.

This movie is classic viral marketing material, which in itself tells us something: Steorn is being REAL serious about generating a hype. They’ve previously availed themselves of the services of Citigate Dewe Rogerson, a high-end public relations firm. This viral is a strong indication they are again taking PR seriously.

If they are as serious as this about getting massive media attention, this will only be the beginning of the onslaught. By itself this movie will not turn heads, but it might be a good start.

We’ll only know more if and when the demo arrives, and many are sceptical about the chances of being convinced by a demo, but for now, expect the hype to increase, with an expected peak on Saturday the 7th coinciding with the Live Earth concert.

For more information, see the Steorn homepage, the Free Energy Tracker Blog, the Dispatches from the Future blog, the Fizzx forum and the relevant Wikipedia page. Another interesting place to look is the Steorn Forum, but be aware this place is populated by all and sundry, and heavily edited by moderators.



  1. xxx said about 9 hours later:
    This is NOT a "classic viral marketing" movie. Movie contains no clues of what this is all about (except the t-shirt maybe). This movie makes no sense for a person that is not familiar with Steorn and their claims. Even if that movie is some sort of an ad for an upcoming event, there is still no clear idications of where that event might take place. Also, smoking/chewing is not the best part of CEO's image :) That's some marketing...
  2. Mr. Spock said about 19 hours later:
    The event is open to the public Thursday 5th to Friday 12th. That is confirmed on Kinetica's website.

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