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Posted by bert hubert Thu, 21 Sep 2006 21:16:00 GMT

Quick update on some small things.


I managed to release PowerDNS Recursor 3.1.3 which must rank as one of the most succesful releases of PowerDNS ever, as I have had zero feedback, despite a large number of downloads. Most big deployments have switched over. There is still a very small trickle of odd crashes though, but they are so rare it is hard to pin it down to anything.


Our new house has a lot going for it, except wiring possibilities. It might be possible to improve this, but right now I want nothing but the best and I’m not prepared to soil my house with badly laid cables. So it has to be wireless, which for fixed computers mostly means USB. After some searching and experimenting, I can report that zd1211 derived devices work really well using the Linux zd1211rw driver. Wireless reception depends a lot on RF conditions, having a USB receiver on a cable means you can move it around for the best reception.

The nice thing about the ZD1211 derived devices (I have two 3Com OfficeConnect adaptors) is that the authors of the driver are very approachable and work well with (and are in fact part of) the Linux kernel community. Unlike some.

New house

It still rocks, although we haven’t had much time to empty the last boxes and buy furniture that matches the quality of the house. Sadly, we are spending a lot of time in the hospital and taking care of related things.

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