RIPE 53, PowerDNS tidbits

Posted by bert hubert Sun, 01 Oct 2006 12:47:00 GMT

Quick post to say that at RIPE 53, I’ll be presenting about the PowerDNS Recursor and specifically its implementation of my Internet-Draft (“Draft RFC”).

More details in this post.

If you are at RIPE, come and say hello, or have an excellent Krasnapolski lunch with me!

Long standing bugs

Over the past few weeks some very long standing “low level irritation” PowerDNS bugs have been fixed. One of the things you learn during the maturation of software projects is that things are good once you start to get reports of obscure bugs, as this means that the big problems are out of the way!

Predictably, the bugs were related to the handling of rare errors, which also reinforces my belief that error handling of rare bugs tends to be very buggy, as these paths rarely get exercised, and when they do, people often don’t even notice the problem is more in the handling than in the error.

Don’t try to be too smart when dealing with errors!

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