Disk died, RIPE report

Posted by bert hubert Fri, 06 Oct 2006 22:52:00 GMT

Well, I reported previously that the server that powers this blog fell 9 feet, and appeared to have survived? Since that event, one of the disks reported odd errors every once in a while, but those appeared to point to a bad cable. I replaced it, but no joy, problems remained.

So tonight I decide to back up that disk completely, and take it out of use. And lo, during the backup it decides to pack up! It made a noise like a passing moped, and ceased to work. Backup was almost entirely done.

I restored the backup to another computer and mounted it via NFS (over wifi no less!), and things (including this blog) are back in production again. I’ll have to buy new disks ASAP though.

PowerDNS RIPE presentation

RIPE was lots of fun, although my presentation did not go as well as I’d hoped. I’ve been distracted by grave medical problems in my family, which mean that I spend a lot of my time in the hospital. It might’ve been better to not do the presentation. Some people did tell me they enjoyed it though. Oh well.

For the first time, I’ve had the pleasure of answering a question from a webcam viewer! RIPE offers the great service that remote attendants can ask questions over IRC or Jabber, and a RIPE employee will then relay the question. A tremendous service!

Lunch at RIPE was fantastic, and it was very nice to meet many friends again. All in all a good day.

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