This draft is a work item of the DNS Extensions Working Group of the IETF!

Posted by bert hubert Fri, 12 Jan 2007 21:16:00 GMT

The workings of the Internet are described, or even proscribed, by the so called ‘Requests For Comments’, or RFCs. These are the laws of the internet.

Today the IETF DNS Extensions working group accepted an “Internet-Draft” Remco van Mook and I have been working on. And the cool bit is that over time, many such accepted “Internet-Drafts” turn into RFCs!

Read about it what our draft does here and here.

The actual Internet-Draft can be found over at the IETF, or over here as pretty HTML.

In short, this RFC documents and standardises some of the stuff DJBDNS and PowerDNS have been doing to make the DNS a safer place.

Besides the fact that it is important to update the DNS standards to reflect this practice, it is also rather a cool thought to actually be writing an RFC, especially one that has the magic stanzas “Standards Track” and “Updates 1035” in it.

So we are well pleased! Over the coming months we’ll have to tune the draft so it confirms with the consensus of the DNSEXT working group, and hopefull somewhere around March, it will head towards the IESG, after which an actual RFC should be issued.


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